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Tounki's dark t-shirts

Tounki, half spirit half demon, offers you, to explore his world, a line of clothing from a dark fantasy universe.
In this part of the shop, you are presented with alternative dark t-shirts. It's a selection of dark and gothic, unisex and oversized t-shirts. Screen-printed manually in his workshop in Paris, the t-shirts presented all have a story to discover...

Dark Style

The black T-shirts feature four designs: Jeanne Dark, The Shaman, The Medieval Monster and The Flowers of Evil. You can discover their stories by consulting their respective pages. Choose the one that appeals to you the most to adopt it! Which monster will accompany you on your adventures? With whom will you share the most affinity?
From varied inspirations such as new art, medieval culture, poetry, and magic, these creations are rich in references. Can you find them? Share your ideas about it or your own fantastic or paranormal stories on our networks! Skulls, bats, vampires, what other creatures do you want to discover?
In terms of music, Tounki has a preference for dark wave and metal. Although we love discovering medieval brass bands! That's why we orient our punk clothes towards this alternative style.

Inspired by gothic culture and musical and clothing movements such as punk style, goth style and rock style and urban style. An alternative fashion where black is predominant. Genders mix, woman, man and other, everyone wears black. The idea being to invade the space and express ourselves through our style.

👹Wearing our Inside Monster👹

Albino Style

Although Tounki loves black, we also created a white version. T-shirts in white and red, reminiscent of albinos. These clothes for women and men are this time inspired by the Asian universe: summoning parchment and katana emerging from the seas! There's even a new colorful version of the black shirt!

Quality of t-shirts

The t-shirts are made of cotton, a material that is both durable and comfortable to wear. Chosen for its comfort and its suitability for the water-based inks used in screen printing. To learn more about our artisanal printing method, read the article where we explain how screen printing works --> here

Online Gothic Shop

One of the advantages of adopting a monster in our online store is to have an almost unique piece because the editions are limited. Among the black t-shirts, there are white and red ones from our Albinos collection, to put a little light in this darkness! You can find the perfect t-shirt for any occasion, from going to a concert with friends to scaring your grandma! (even if she will end up loving it).
By adopting a monster online with Tounki, you enjoy the convenience of a goth shop from your couch! On this page you will find directly all our t-shirts, to wear in autumn-winter and the rest of the year. So you can quickly find the t-shirt you are looking for and see its effect on several of the photo shoots. The t-shirts range from XS to XXL for all sizes! Once you've found the t-shirt you want, you can add it to your cart and checkout with just a few clicks.
The other categories of the metal shop are gothic accessories or crop tops with an e-girl style. Still following a gothic clothing style, you will find rock clothes, goth t-shirts, rock t-shirts, hardcore t-shirts, metal t-shirts and even heavy metal.
Send us your goth looks by instagram!

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