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Crop Top

Goth style is a trend that continues to be talked about, especially with the growing popularity of crop tops. Punk crop tops and goth crop tops have become gothic clothing staples for women looking to stand out with a goth look. In black but also in white, combined with jeans or a high waisted skirt, they are perfect for summer!
The gothic tank top is a timeless classic, but there are now more and more gothic grunge garments that are popular, such as black gothic rock tops. T-shirt crop tops are also very popular, whether plain or with prints. In our case, screen printed by our little hands.
The streetwear crop top is another key part of the goth look, along with women's tops that are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world. Black crop tops are obviously a must for any goth look, but there are also crop tops in other colors that can be used to complete a look.
Grunge goth tops and punk style tops are also popular choices for fans of the goth movement. Punk streetwear and women's punk tops are also popular, as is women's goth clothing in general.
Goths have always loved skulls and bats, which is evident in the gothic clothing line that often features skulls and bats designs. The gothic movement also inspired styles like romantic gothic, rock gothic, punk-rock and rockabilly.

Vampires and Dracula are also popular themes in the Gothic movement, as well as fantasy in general. Black women are often depicted in gothic clothing, making it ideal fashion for fall-winter.
The shiny black hoodie is another key goth fashion item, as are medieval and Celtic clothing. Black shirts and gothic clothing lines also continue to be popular. Black and red are often used in gothic clothing to create a strong contrast and an impactful look.
The crop top is a staple of gothic and punk fashion, and it continues to be hugely popular with women looking to rock an alternative look. The crop top is often associated with the grunge and rock movement, but it can also be used to complete a romantic gothic or streetwear look. Gothic crop tops are usually black in color, but you can also find them in other colors, as well as versions with Gothic prints, such as skull or bat designs. Crop tops can be worn with high waisted pants or long skirts, or layered with sheer tops to create a bolder look.

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