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Tounki's Origin

Once upon a time, coming from a different word, appear a spirit named Tounki. It believed in beauty in darkness and which to create something that can reach this goal. Tounki had to embody a human being to be able to create such a thing.


Tounki, demon or spirit (depending on who’s calling him), has appeared in this world some years ago. After some time traveling around the world, he meets different cultures, old and new ones, like the Grecs, the medieval time, the Aztecs or the street art and even drag ! Tounki decide to create some hybrids live being to make him company in our strange world. However, he wants them to live by their own, to let them experience life. Exposing them to the world, he hopes that they can travel where he can’t, in the remotest corners of the earth.

If you want to come and discover the world with them, don’t hesitate to adopt one dark yokai and take it everywhere! They will follow you on the top of the highest mountain or to the bar in the next corner.

The workshop of Tounki, artisanal brand, is established in Paris. Meanwhile, it’s a little workshop where these magical beings are created. Giving them to the world it’s a way to give them life.

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