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Shooting adventure

Walking following the tracks of Dark Yokai, wandering around in this art world. Falling time. Tounki's spirits spread around the world. Exploring differents way of living. Thank's to our models to have shared this experience.

Tounki's first photo shoot, in a punk rock style, is presented to you! With several variations of styles, exposing the wide range of clothing from the first unisex collection.
Goth punk is a subculture that has captured the attention of many people around the world. This unique style is often associated with mysterious women, dressed in black and sporting an alternative rock look. Goth punk photos, whether in fashion shoots or simple portraits, have captured the essence of this fascinating subculture.
Young goth couples are often seen together, sharing their love for goth punk style. Goth women are especially beautiful, with their dark makeup and black outfit reflecting their goth spirit. The first goth photos, dating back to the 70s, laid the foundation for this ever-growing trend.
Today, stock photos and goth punk fashion shoots are increasingly popular, reflecting alternative lifestyle and goth fashion trends. Gothic clothing is increasingly present in wardrobes, offering a vintage and punk-inspired gothic look. Fashion accessories such as Hoodies, Pentagrams and Gothic T-shirts have become a staple for all lovers of alternative fashion.

The wide range of gothic style clothing for men and women, from sweatshirts to plus size clothes and medieval t-shirts, makes it possible to find your own gothic look. Gothic rock and alternative fashion inspired many people to adopt a black and alternative look, reflecting the gothic spirit and the grim reaper.
In sum, goth punk is a one-of-a-kind subculture, offering a variety of styles and clothing for anyone looking for an alternative look. Goth punk photos, whether taken during goth punk fashion shoots or simple portraits, are an expression of the dark and mysterious beauty of this fascinating subculture.
If you want to explore punk fashion that will bring out your unique and rebellious personality? ! Tounki transmits this revolutionary aspect, and captures the punk spirit in original shots.
Whether you're a punk rock fan, an alternative fashion enthusiast, or just someone who wants to stand out with a bold look. In an industrial, urban or natural setting, Tounki presents these collections everywhere in this strange world.

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