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🐍 Nure-onna Yukata 🐍 Purple

🐍 Nure-onna Yukata 🐍 Purple

SKU: K.P.20230004.0

The Nure-onna that Tounki created is different from the Japanese legends. This Yokai possesses two pairs of eyes, one to look through the timeline and the other to see into the spiritual realm.

Her body blends with hair, enabling her to conceal the beings she creates. Living in the swamps, she enjoys merging into the murky waters...


This is the purple version.




This Yukata has been handmade scrennprinted in my little workshop. We only print our original designs, so they are unique.
Made in Nilon
Some advice to help preserve the print on the fabric : wash cold or 30° max and let air dry.


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    Contact me before sending back the product.
    We cannot refund the shipping cost or pay for return shipping.
    If the product is damaged, send me a picture of the package and the product.
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