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What's hidden behind Tounki?

For this new year 2023, Tounki will soon be 1 year old. On this occasion, I reveal to you a little more what is hidden behind Tounki's project, its creation and its goal. Although having had the idea for a long time, the project emerges in March 2022.

Surveying the world and its discoveries, I wanted to create and share a universe where magical medieval culture, legends of the fantastic world of Japanese Yokai, as well as Aztec gods and other myths are linked. This mixture of inspiration comes from my travels, from art history and from great masters of horror like Goya or Junji ito. This is why each Tounki character has its own story, a mixture of legends and imagination.

What I can share about me : I have a training in engraving and art history in addition to a master's degree in Plastic Arts. My artistic practice is centered on drawing and painting which you can discover on The Tounki brand was born from a desire to adapt my art to everyday objects, especially clothes. It's a way to include the imagination in our reality, in an underground style of streetwear. I use the artisanal method of screen printing in my small workshop to print my creations on t-shirts, tote bags and sweatshirts. I have recently included products that I have made, as I do not have all the necessary know-how, but I assure that they are of good quality, like all the products I offer.

As a young designer, it is in Paris that my studio is located, where Tounki's creatures are born. I also participate in fairs or exhibitions around. For the curious who would like to see these creatures more closely, you will be informed on the networks! Through Tounki, I would like to bring together a community of people who love the strange and the supernatural. Change the world by allowing the imagination to be more present. Allowing us to express our inner monsters!

You Monster maker, Elia !


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