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The Corsair Adventure

Going to our first convention, we didn't really know what to expect. Well, we had a lot of surprises ! To begin with the place, Saint-Malo, an old corsair port in Britanny the Nort of France. The little town was surrounded by ramparts and boats, both old and new. The smell of the sea and the ocean with the wind gives you the sense of liberty and wanted to fly away and embark for new adventures !

The Corsair Tattoo Ink had a fun atmosphere and everyone was in a good mood. Everyone was here to share his art, the tattoo artists and the craftsmen. We saw a lot of different styles, all them beautiful ! That gives us a lot of ideas for tattoos and also for new drawings !

In those two days we met a lot of great people that we hope to make happy with our shirts ! New adventurers who wear our little monsters through different waters and seas !


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