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Coming from a different world, appear a spirit named Tounki. It believed in the beauty of darkness and wish to create something that can reach this goal. Creating monsters to follow him around the world. Tounki had to embody a human being to be able to create such things.



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If you want to come and discover the world with them, don’t hesitate to adopt one and take it everywhere! They will follow you on the top of the highest mountain or to the bar in the next corner.

The workshop of Tounki is established in Paris. Meanwhile, it’s a little workshop where these magical beings are created. Giving them to the world it’s a way to give them life.

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Tounki is an online  clothing and fashion accessories store, influenced by fantasy and medieval with a Kawaii twist. Inspired by the Rock, Gothic and Heroic-fantasy universe, our designer offers you a wide range of clothing with screen-printed T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies in her Parisian workshop. Her original creations are inspired by dragons, monsters and other characters like the reaper. Her intention is to create an alternative fashion for people who love freaks, rock-metal and the world of tattoos and piercings. As much for women as for men, small or large, these Gothic clothes are intended to be unisex.

Tounki wants to spread art and imagination around the world, by externalizing the demons hidden inside us. Wearing what we are is the way we reveal ourselves.

You can put on these clothes and combine them with leggings and boots. Why not try some fantasy-style clothing, adding a gothic T-shirt to your wardrobe that will go perfectly with your mittens for an even more grungy look.

In other circumstances, it is in the men's gothic section that we find the most stylish, large and comfortable t-shirts. In our shop, you will no longer need to steal them from your boyfriend, he will take them from you!

Imagine having a pentagram pendant on your neck, an ear piercing, hair turning from brown to purple, and wearing a black top on a summer night; with a background gothic, rock musique in the air... This is the beginning of a scenario in which you can embark on... Tounki's creatures will accompany you in your craziest adventures! Don’t hesitate to share your most exciting stories with us!

Tounki is an independent brand created recently. Its creator, Elia, shares her universe so imagination can enter our daily lives, letting the magic envelop what surrounds us and change the world. The drawings are first developed and then become screen prints in order to print the fabrics of the clothes in an artisanal way. The materials of the clothes are carefully chosen, mainly cotton to guarantee quality and a soft touch. The development and packaging are calculated to have the least possible impact on the planet: the screen printing inks are water-based, the packaging is in cardboard. If you have a particular project or a collaboration to propose, do not hesitate to contact Tounki! You can follow our news and adventures on social networks!

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